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Camille Corbett is an Atlanta native and a queer-identifying, first-generation Jamaican American. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama and a Fulbright Scholar. Camille has read over 1000 books, knows three languages (English, Spanish, and Turkish) and has travelled to over 18 countries (it's giving cultured). Camille's hobbies include golfing, collecting vintage designer, performing comedic songs, painting, and cooking new recipes. Camille was recently staffed on the Jamie Foxx series, DAD, STOP EMBARRASSING ME, for Netflix. She has also written episodes for the Quibi series BREF produced by DreamCrew. Camille currently has an original animated pilot BADDIES in development with Cartuna. In addition, Camille has directed music videos, proof of concepts, and commercials. In fact, Camille is currently in pre-production for THE ISLAND, a horror film funded by Outback Presents, where Camille is set to direct and play the villain, Martisha. Pre-Covid, Camille raised a Kickstarter goal and for her independent pilot CRYSTAL & CHELSEA, that she starred in, wrote, and produced (ask for link) that is currently being distributed by Comcast. Not to mention, Spring 2022, Camille will release her comedic rap album, The Witty Girl. Previously, She was the TA for the NBC writing fellowship: Writers on the Verge.

Prior to that, she was a Researcher for THE HOTEL THERESA film, BORN TO FAIL and THE TERROR for AMC. Camille also has worked in true crime as an Associate Producer (FOR MY MAN and TWISTED SISTERS). And while she is in love with writing scripts, she also writes novels and was a fellow in the Latinx in Publishing Fellowship in 2020-2021. She is currently a student at Groundlings, UCB, Lesly Kahn & Co, and Margie Haber Studios, in addition to doing stand up comedy. Corbett is repped by Angela Nikas and Chris Allen at Buchwald.

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Camille Corbett
Horror Comedy

The Island is a Caribbean horror-comedy about Zora, a young lesbian trying to gain acceptance from her adopted parents, while the island where she is from slowly kills them off, revealing her birthright as leader of the island. Consider it to be Get Out, Meets Wickerman, Meets Love Witch, with sprinklings of Midsommar.


Camille Corbett
Comedy Animation

Baddies is a glimpse into the life of a young, female rapper in a male dominated field. We will see Angel struggling to uplift the women in her life and utilize her sexuality in her art, all while attempting to gain the respect of her male counterparts. Throughout this series, Angel will go from a scared young artist running out of her 15 minutes of fame to a music legend.