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BT Rockwell is an author, online magazine contributor, music producer, and audio engineer from Brooklyn, New York. At just twenty-one years old, Rockwell co-founded the DJ-based record label Tableturns. Eventually, after becoming Wu-Tang member Raekwon the Chef’s personal engineer, he helped to oversee the monumental sequel album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II, which many critics ranked as the best hip hop album of 2009. Rockwell would go on to pen and self-publish two gritty novels, Burn Me Up Fast and Blood Sucker, which explore universally introspective concepts within urban and countercultural lifestyles. His tales are often centered on the joys and pitfalls of current-day New York City, as well as the search for knowledge of self. Now, with his deep passion of film, Rockwell is trying his hand at a grounded sci-fi screenplay experience told in the same pithy voice as his novels.

Known For
Burn Me Up Fast, Blood Sucker, Tableturns, Wu Tang Affiliate

Writer currently has no listed scripts.