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Armando is a dedicated professional with a background in Mexican culture, the Deep South, Los Angeles, talent representation, and business management. Armando is a produced writer with television- and feature-length content currently streaming on various popular subscription platforms. Armando signed his first shopping agreement in 2021 for an original comedy television pilot.  He specializes in writing comedy, fantasy, and horror, and excels at merging these genres together. Armando has studied at The Second City, Stowe Story Labs, Save The Cat, Gotham Writers, and the Mexican Academy, and he is currently attending the UCLA Professional Program for Writing for Television. He is fluent in English and Spanish, and has original content and spec scripts available for both markets. Armando’s goal is to bring his skills and experience to any position in a television writers’ room, where he will be a dependable and collaborative member of any team.

Special Skills
Business and Management

Writer currently has no listed scripts.