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I am a single guy who loves to create and help create movie and TV show ideas. I started doing this since 2011 when I was living in a boarding home in Aberdeen NJ. I remember writing and creating my first idea which is a horror and Sci-FI idea called "The Day The Earth Fell Into Darkness". I never thought my imagination can take me to levels I never thought I would reach. I also want to thank a guy called Daren Caesar. He helped me get a script for one of my ideas in which I am co-ownership of. I am currently working on another idea called YAHWAH (The Creator). I have a lot more including on ideas I created based on people I have met at a program I go to. I am also a Brookdale Community College graduate. I graduated in May of 2010.


Anthony Garrone, Daren Caesar
Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy

This story deals with two individuals along with the consequences they will bring to the Universe.