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Spec writer of 5 features, did a short film P.O.C The Badge (Vimeo) which, was part of the LA Film Fest, starring Jack Byrne (SAG) using the music of Danny Elfman. That character (Coats) will be carried over to new Mini-Series titled 406 Bullet. Imagine Michael Mando as Lead (Better Call Saul) P.O.C. short, 406 Bullet coming soon (2022)

Known For
1st Spec written @ age 19 ( Filosofia )
Highest Staffing Level
Special Skills
Foreign Languages


André Baca-Acosta
Drama Action & Adventure

A humiliated Cop, returns home from vacation to lick his wounds amongst peers. In the weekly night of Domino's, 5 Cops of color devise a way to terrorize the 1% of Silicon Valley in covert fashion. There's a right way, to do wrong.