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Writer Scripts


Nechesa Achiro
Comedy Family

In her relentless pursuit of the “Death Particle”, a theoretical quantum physicist struggles to find the deeper meaning of life.

HA'EM (2018)

Nechesa Achiro
Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Using the ubiquitous spiritual doctrine of Balance, rulers of the planetary system, Ha’em, mercilessly reign with injustice. Some of their citizens resist as they strive to impose their own notions of it.


Nechesa Achiro

A NYC drama, highlighting the criminal industrial complex in America, follows a mother trying her best to prevent her son from entering it, his father trying to get out of it, the owner of a private prison who capitalizes off of it and a police officer trying not to be exploited by it.


Nechesa Achiro
Horror Drama

When an injury leaves her unable to work, an alcoholic decides to rehabilitate her life but discovers her traumatic childhood and a friend's haunting disappearance may prove too much to overcome.