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J.J Garcia, Aspiring ScreenWriter, Avid Reader, Film-Television enthusiast. and Partner, Acquisitions Manager at DMB Properties. Starting from the very bottom, he along with his partners have amassed a portfolio of over 1000 units in his native home. Not wanting to give up his roots for the glitz of park avenue, he chose to remain foreign and keep his office in the heart of the community that defines him. Making himself easily accessible to his clients, and family are essential to his comfort. Screenwriting has been a forever passion of his. Constantly documenting his experiences throughout the day analyzing the what if they said this and what if they said that are rumblings of his reason to write. With his office in in plain sight of the neighborhoods constituents, his inspiration will always remain fluid. " East Harlem is my protagonist. Her character will always lead in my work.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.