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Tim is a prolific, low-maintenance writer, recognized for quality writing and great dialogue. Tim graduated from West Point Academy. While there, he learned of Henry Flipper, the central character in BLACK KNIGHT (Black List Featured Script), and his story of perseverance and determination. Flipper's story begs to be told.

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Known For
Black List Featured Script (Black Knight of the Hudson)


Tim Tyler
Comedy Family

Burned out from the pressures of the Christmas season, Santa mentally snaps and flees the North Pole, leaving all the elves and toys behind. Incognito, he hides out in Middleville, a small American town, to get some much needed rest, while the celebration of Christmas worldwide is potentially threatened. But even Santa can't hide from real life as he meets a local fireman, Frank Chance, who is determined to make this Christmas the best that Middleville's ever seen, to the point of organizing a toy collection and party for the sick and less-fortunate kids. But as the big day draws near, a fire destroys all the collected toys and devastates Frank's dream-Christmas. Unless... the real Santa can rally the town and ride to the rescue for the greatest Christmas comeback ever!


Tim Tyler

"Academy Men" -- SERIES LOGLINE "Academy Men" follows the exploits of West Point cadets, specifically the class of 1974, through their four years of college education and military training, and everything else that entails. As a land war in Asia rages all about them – at least on T.V. and in the newspapers -- • While their parents wail how the country’s taken a turn for the worst – • While their contemporaries extol them to “make love, not war” -- • While the sex is not only better than cheap, it’s “free”! -- The Class of 1974, United States Military Academy, slogs on with one mission in mind: graduate and get the hell out of there!


Tim Tyler
Family Drama

Tricked into reading an ancient spell, a young boy magically transports himself, his father, and a 600-year-old magician through time and space into a parallel universe ruled by a master sorcerer. There the three are forced to pass several “tests” and trials, deviously designed by the sorcerer, in order to get back home. Failure to pass any and all of the tests results in the trio remaining prisoners in the sorcerer’s world... Forever...