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Writer Scripts


Carrie Anderson

ON WATER is the inspiring true story of the champion American rower, Libby Peters. At 24-years-old, Libby is at the world-renowned Vesper Boathouse in Philadelphia preparing to go to the Beijing Olympics when she discovers she has cancer. The treatment, which requires removing a massive tumor from her lung, ends her ability to row competitively again and she feels she has lost her life’s purpose. But when Libby meets fifteen-year-old African American, Elijah, who wishes he could try the sport she loves so much, she finds self-worth beyond winning medals creating a rowing club for Philadelphia’s most at-risk youth. As their club gains momentum, the rowing establishment claims the river is full and want to shut the club down. But the club has given Elijah’s crew the heart they need to compete in the city’s elite interschool’s regatta, which has only ever had private-school participants and could save their fledgling club. The result is a true-life triumph of the underdogs.