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Writer Scripts


Michael Raymond
Mystery & Suspense

A disgraced former detective who "never forgets a face" is forced out of retirement to help track down a serial killer who might be the same man who once abducted his son.


Michael Raymond
Mystery & Suspense Sci-Fi & Fantasy

What if you lived in a society where the government figured out a way to “protect its people” against a global epidemic by planning the genetic makeup of its citizens, creating a subservient and compliant society? What if your freedom of choice and the very thoughts inside your head were already mapped out and planned for you . . . before you were ever born? What if all these things were happening, but you never actually knew it? Andrew is a brilliant young medical scientist who discovers that everything he ever knew about himself has been pre-determined, including his very identity and personality. Andrew must fight back against everything he’s ever known or trusted while convincing the public they are prisoners inside their own compliant society, living without free will or genuine human connection.


Michael Raymond

During a road trip with her college-bound son, a mentally unstable mother must reconcile their estranged relationship before they reach their destination and she's permanently committed to a mental hospital.