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Brandon reigns from the mean streets of Oak Park, a middle class suburb of Los Angeles. He studied Accounting at the world-renowned Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He currently works in finance but isn't much of a numbers guy.


Ben Agron, Brandon Feldman
Comedy Animation

In a world where genetically engineered "teacup dinosaurs" have become the world's most popular pet, a recently widowed dad finally caves and buys one for his kids, but things go off the rails when the tiny dino grows into a full-sized brontosaurus named "Dinah."


Brandon Feldman
Comedy Family

After spending a decade using a fake screw-up named “Uncle Buster” to set examples for their problematic twins, a desperate couple take the lie to the next level by hiring a local recluse to play the part of “Uncle Buster” in hopes of setting their kids straight.