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Born in Montreal, Quebec Gabriel Veiga found an escape in acting and writing at an early age. In 2017, his pilot "Assassin" was a second rounder at the Austin Film Festival. He recently fell in love with feature writing and wrote "The Retreat" in 2017.


Gabriel Veiga

(Austin Film Festival Second Rounder 2017) After being betrayed and framed for murder, a hit man partners with the FBI to go undercover against the crime family that betrayed him.


Gabriel Veiga
Mystery & Suspense Horror

When an alcoholic screenwriter takes his family to an idyllic island resort, he soon starts to suspect that the staff members are murdering the resort's visitors. "The writing itself is strong - it's clear that the writer has some raw talent and a distinct point of view, as both shine through on the page." - The Blacklist "This script is well-written and remains engaging from beginning to end, and the leads are certainly castable - a positive for executives hoping to put stars in those roles to help market the film and boost box office numbers." -- Blacklist RELEVANCE IN TODAY'S WORLD: Talks about a straight white male in position of power in Hollywood. Abuser of women faces justice.