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Jennifer had a 15-year career in sales and marketing that gave her the opportunity to travel and live all over the world, including Melbourne and Prague— but her first love was always screenwriting and now she's on to her second act.

She loves adapting true stories for the screen and, when not adapting, her specs fall into her favorite genres: horror and thrillers. She especially loves psychological horror and suspense thrillers— Alfred Hitchcock is her muse. She writes scripts that will surprise you and stick with you long after you finish reading and, as a gay woman, she strives to give a voice to characters who challenge traditional stereotypes.

Current project: an original feature for MGM Studios

Next project: a psychological horror spec

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BlackList/MGM feature blind deal
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Jennifer Grand
Mystery & Suspense Drama

A family living off the grid in the Pacific Northwest thinks they are isolated enough to stay safe during a catastrophic societal breakdown until a stranger arrives with information that forces the children to make a choice.