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Writer Scripts


Nolan Bryan Lynch
Horror Drama

After ten years of war, the catastrophic destruction of Planet Troas leaves Odysseus and his crew stranded a thousand light years from civilization in a crippled spaceship, hunted by the Trojans’ vengeful god. Their only hope? A mad seer who claims he can guide them home. Inspired by Homer's epic poem.


Nolan Bryan Lynch
Mystery & Suspense Horror

50 years in the future. Humanity has colonized outer space, relying on a force of armed drone spacecraft to keep the interplanetary peace. When these drones turn on their creators, a washed up military pilot must join forces with a band of dangerous mercenaries to save the planet.


Nolan Bryan Lynch
Horror Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Magic has awoken in the Wild West. Forgotten creatures walk the earth, priests wield arcane power, and a race of demons has hunted the human race to the brink of extinction. As the demon-host prepares for its final assault, a disgraced warrior-priest sets out to rescue the prophesied last hope of mankind: an eight-year old Native American girl in whom burns the power of the stars.


Nolan Bryan Lynch
Action & Adventure Horror

Leonardo da Vinci is called out of exile when his estranged apprentice reconstructs an ancient weapon of mass destruction - based on Leonardo’s own research. Terminally ill and now facing a madman of his own making, Leonardo sets out to prevent the violent downfall of western civilization with the reluctant help of Nostradamus, Anne Boleyn, Machiavelli, and Vlad Dracula.