The Black List Table Reads takes the best screenplays Hollywood hasn't yet made and turns them into movies... for your ears. Part of the Wolfpop podcasting network, the Black List Table Reads has already been included on Entertainment Weekly's "Must List" (link to a photo of the article) and described by podcast review website The Timbre as "positively groundbreaking." Featuring performances by actors including Paul Scheer ("The League"), Lauren Lapkus ("Orange is the New Black"), Matt Walsh ("Veep"), Jerry Adler ("The Sopranos"), Darren Criss ("Glee"), and Emmy winner and two time Tony nominee Tammy Blanchard, it's the perfect way to spend a commute or a Saturday evening at home.

chrome noir


Guns. Girls. Robots. CHROME NOIR is the story of a photographer who gets in over his head when a dead robot or "clank" falls into his path. Can a mysterious woman or his robot sidekick, Gus, help him solve the case in an increasingly corrupt city? This script is a new take on film noir that imagines an alternative past populated by robots, but is full of the same hot steel, cool dames, and torrents of bullets you'd expect from the genre. CHROME NOIR was written by Kent Tessman, and found via The Black List website.

Starring Colin Hanks, Zachary Levi, Katie Lowes, Billy Burke, Rob Morrow, Stephanie Drake, Matthew Bohrer, Benjamin Schrader, and Andrea Anders, with Cooper Thornton as narrator.

terrible parents


We head across the pond and back in history about 200 years for Mr. Malcolm’s List. It’s a little bit Jane Austen. It’s a little bit Oscar Wilde, and it is all good. The script was written by Suzanne Allain and on the strength of it she recently earned a two step WGA minimum blind deal with Warner Bros. pictures through the Black List's partnership with the studio.

Starring Rose McIver, Ashley Madekwe, Tom Riley, James Bloor, Sarah Armstrong, Sonya Walger, Jon Fletcher, Ben Schrader, and Parminder Nagra.

terrible parents


When two lucky parents get their child into the best elementary school in town, it's a dream come true. But when rival parents set eyes on their slot, staying in becomes their worst nightmare.

Starring Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Sarah Baker, Rob Huebel, Janie Haddad Tompkins

the other side


A young Hasidic Jew recruits a hipster girl to help him expose a horrific crime in a secretive community in Brooklyn.

Starring Cooper Thornton, Darren Criss, Jerry Adler, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Tammy Blanchard, Wallis Currie-Wood, Pico Alexander, Ron Tsur, Bill Raymond, and Neal Lerner.

balls out


The obscenely funny script BALLS OUT from writers Malcolm Spellman and Tim Talbott. Plus, Franklin chats with writers Malcolm and Tim about the origins of the script beginning in an online message board for writers.

Starring Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, Lauren Lapkus, Matt Walsh, Eugene Cordero, Casey Wilson, Chris Cox, Joe Wengert, and Craig Mazin.