WIF Black List Episodic Lab: Submission Guidelines and Program Info

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  • What's the deal with the Women In Film / Black List Episodic Lab?

  • I'd like to be considered for the Lab ! How exactly do I do that?

  • What are the exact submission requirements?

  • How will the submitted pilots be evaluated by the Black List?

  • What are the important deadlines?

  • Is this a case where the person who buys the most evaluations will be invited to the Lab?

  • Can I submit multiple pilot scripts to be considered for the Lab?

  • Can I submit a feature script to be considered for the Lab?

  • Do I have to workshop the pilot that got me selected for the Lab or can I workshop something new?

  • My script was on the site a while ago, but I took it down to work on a rewrite. Does a script have to be live on the site to be considered?

  • Can I apply to the Lab with my web series or do you only accept half hour and one hour pilots?

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