Studiocanal: Picture Company and Studiocanal Blind Script Deal

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  • How will the process work?

  • When's the deadline?

  • What are the requirements for this partnership?
  • Any writer holding a European Union passport whose television or film writing earnings since January 1, 2008 do not exceed Two Hundred Fifty Thousand US Dollars (250.000 USD);
  • Screenplays from action and thriller genres are preferred; however, The Black List will identify additional screenplays from other genres that would meet the Studiocanal timeline,
  • Screenplays which have not been developed by any third party, i.e. which are not in turnaround with costs to be repaid.
  • You must be actively hosting your script on the site for at least one week during the submission period in order to opt in

  • May I opt-out of the The Picture Company/Studiocanal partnership after I have opted-in?

  • Is this a case where the person who buys the most evaluations will make the Short List?

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