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I don't have a ton of money right now. How can I get my script attention on the Black List website?


  • Black List social media - we give away free hosting and evaluations, so make sure you're following twitter.com/theblcklstfacebook.com/theblcklst, and instagram.com/theblcklstWe also tweet out ALL scripts that have received an 8+ score from a paid reader evaluation within a given week via our Twitter account.
  • Personal social media - posting a link to your script on social media is a great way to generate views, downloads, and ratings. You can simply share the link to your script page on blcklst.com, and any industry member with an active account can then view, download, or rate your script.
  • Blog Contributions - we offer all writers one free month of hosting and one free evaluation for contributing to the Essentials and Why We Write series on the Black List Blog. More information: The Essentials and Why We Write. 
  • Queries - many writers have had success querying agents, managers, and other industry members that they know or think might be on blcklst.com with a link to their script, and the encouragement to read and rate it. Some writers also choose to include positive Black List reader comments within these queries.
  • High scores - Any script that receives a score of 8+ from a paid reader evaluation will receive free hosting and evaluations on blcklst.com. For an 8, you receive 2 evaluations + 2 months of hosting. For a 9, you receive 3 evaluations + 2 months of hosting. And for a 10, you receive 5 evaluations + 2 months of hosting. One could buy one reader evaluation, receive an 8+ score, claim their free evaluation, receive another 8+, and so on -- we've had writers who've only ever bought one evaluation receive dozens of free evaluations because they continue receiving high scores from each subsequent reader evaluation.
  • Guild membership - all Guild members receive 20% off all site services on blcklst.com. A full list of our Writers Guild partnerships is available on the Education page.

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