How will the process work?


Based on the ratings of the teleplay submissions received, the Black List will create a Short List containing five eligible writers. Writers on the Short List will be invited to submit a one page professional biography and/or one-page personal statement (see the Submission Requirements for more details) that will be read, along with the writer's Short-Listed teleplay, by FOX executives. The network executives may then choose a writer or writers with whom to contract for a Blind Deal or staff writing opportunity. Whether or not a Short-Listed writer is selected for either a Blind Deal or a staff writing position is at FOX's sole discretion and is not guaranteed, even if a writer makes the Short List. The Short List will be determined within 7 days following the expiration of the Submission Period and the blind script deal recipient(s) (if any) and staff writer iosition recipient(s) (if any) will be selected by FOX no later June 30, 2014 subject to their receipt of the materials described in the Submission Requirements and signed copies of Fox's Blind Script Agreement and Submission Agreement.

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