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The Black List and the Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770 are pleased to announce the second annual Hasty Pudding Institute Screenwriting Fellowship, which seeks to increase the visibility of satire and social commentary in the arts. The inaugural fellowship will include a $20,000 grant to help one aspiring professional screenwriter of satire or social commentary who has not yet made $100,000 in their writing career in order to continue to develop scripts and projects in that tradition.

Submissions for this opportunity are open on blcklst.com from 3/15/16 until 5/31/16 and are open to feature writers only. 

Because our finalists are determined by examining all data about opted in scripts for site partnerships, we strongly advise purchasing at least one evaluation. In the event that the purchase of a single evaluation is cost prohibitive, please follow us on social media and the Black List blog where opportunities for free and discounted evaluations appear from time to time.

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