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Previously Featured Scripts

"This would be a great star vehicle for a high caliber actress to portray Faye Dunaway in a role that could potentially be a star-making turn."

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"Simply put, this is an excellent piece of writing. From its characterization to its plotting to its themes and its milieu, there’s no question this draft is ready for gatekeeper submission."

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"First and foremost, the humor in this script is outstanding. Every single joke lands. The teenaged characters are proven, time and time again, to be capable of whip-smart dialogue all while feeling like genuine depictions of teenagers. The variety at play here in depictions of the different kids is astounding."

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"An incredibly compelling, smart, page-turner of a script with a rich whodunit story that keeps you guessing right until the end. The writing in this script is exquisite, with a voice that is dynamic and unique and filled with keen, detailed observation of humanity – especially through the two lead characters."

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"This script stands out as a highlight of the genre."

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"This script is truly unique, a unicorn even. A swashbuckler with a wholly powerful sociopolitical depth and edge, which is never shied away from, as it rips its yarn with an overt kinetic glee."

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"A harrowing page turner with imagery that will stick with readers and audiences well beyond its final pages."

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"A skillful, gripping dark comedy...Genuinely funny and genuinely tense."

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"This is a great pilot script, simply put, and a compelling idea for a series. It incorporates the best elements of crime, mystery, and family drama, in a vibrant, as-of-yet-unexplored world that we really haven't seen on television, executed with passion and craftsmanship. The fact that this sordid tale of revenge and female empowerment is based in real history makes it all the more compelling."

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"Funny and sincerely powerful, this family dramedy tells the unique story of a man and his daughter finding their way back from the brink of heartbreak, grief, and abandonment to forgiveness, acceptance, and hope. And in telling this story, the writer strikes at the heart of some of our most universally human themes and emotions."

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"Axis’ engrossing narrative, masterful characters, sharp dialogue, and poignant subject matter makes it nothing less than an awards-worthy work of cerebral entertainment, with international potential, and sure to please audiences. "

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"Quiet, intimate, and emotionally devastating, this gripping coming-of-age film tells the unique story of one young man's struggle with grief, abuse, and identity, and in doing so, it strikes at the very heart of the human condition."

"THE HOLLER is a wonderfully realized place of rust and sweat that reflects the harsh reality of the broken family that lives there."

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"A stirring commentary on the nature of dedication [and] the effects of war on the human psyche. Magnificent, important work."

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"Female sexuality, slut-shaming, stigma surrounding mental health, being guarded, frustration, and adolescent inability to singlehandedly process rage push the forward momentum of this turbulent, realistic coming-of-age winner. Any viewer, of all ages, origins, and levels of sympathy, can relate to the quiet triumphs and let downs she endures."

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"This is a historical drama with grit and heart. It's so relevant to today that it feels like it needs to be made and seen immediately!"

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"The mystery at the center of this is the definition of tantalizing and a surefire hook, and tied to a sprawling roll-out of action subplots, instantly appealing characters, and an opening set-piece that thrills and awes at every second, only leading up to its enigmatic mind games, this feels like an ideal dramatic pilot."

"This isn't just a great pilot; it's an important one, and exactly the kind of television that networks should be making."

"Smart and wickedly funny, this dark comedy delights the audience with its irreverent wit and unexpected charm."

"Gorgeous writing with complex, nuanced characters...a truly exceptional script."

"The premise is sharp and original. The setting is clear and easy to visualize. The script is a page-turner which never loses its momentum. If Veronica Mars had a badass cousin, Julep Dupree would fit the bill. Smart, calculating, with her own code of 'grifter' conduct, she is a wonderfully written anti-heroine who is easy to root for and get behind."

"The cinematic imagery, disorienting use of multiple languages, and the authenticity of such minutiae as the bucket all produce an intensity and realism that signal this writer as one to watch. "

"Intense, unpredictable, and human, "The Big Five" is an extremely engaging thriller with a refreshing sense of empathy. The plot subverts our expectations in several ways, and it does so while crafting a thriller both disturbing and curiously affecting. "

"The script has a pulsating sense of forward momentum that permeates from from its opening until the exhilarating, heart-rending, climax."

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"Emotionally affecting, socially and politically poignant, and entertaining..."

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"GREYSTONE MANSION is a truly exceptional story which draws an impeccable portrayal of class disparity, the faults of perfection and the essence of humanity. "

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"VISITATION is a fascinating piece of writing whose moody dread, impeccable atmosphere, and rich, disturbing themes suggest a formidable new voice in the horror genre."

"This fun, imaginative script checks all the boxes for a comedic drama. The story masterfully addresses body-shaming issues in ways that are laugh-out-loud funny without an ounce of condescension."

"Production companies reading this might find there's little creative development needed, and that it's a potential awards contender. This could be a great addition to any company's slate."

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"An intensifying aura of suspense is magnificently ascertained and maintained until the unexpected climax. A spellbinding contribution to horror cinema... Sick could very well aspire to be a feature that challenges, frightens, and resonates with its target audience for years to come."

"BIG MAN is a finely sewn web -- a deep examination of a topical issue, a Jenga tower of scheming characters and, most important, delightfully graceful writing."

"It does not get much funnier than this! This is an honest, charming, endearing and utterly funny portrayal of two mildly immature adults in love who are struggling to get pregnant as they grow into their new roles. "

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"This is truly a beautifully written script and the voices are absolutely poetic at times. It is a concise character driven biographic with profound emotional resonance ... a poignant biographic that should entertain fans and viewers unfamiliar with Williams’s work."

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"This is a script that is populated by a fantastic, well-drawn cast of characters, all of whom are afforded a level of dimensionality that makes them feel absolutely magnetic on the page. [It] feels like the kind of vital, involving, politically-aware horror storytelling that television has been missing."

"The character work in this script is impeccable. There is conflict in every scene with emotional and nuanced writing. The tone is dark and dirty and brings the dystopian world the writer has created to life."

"Anyone in search of a hilarious author who possesses both emotional intelligence and genre-blending virtuosity must definitely consider BURY THE LEDE."

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"Laugh out loud funny. BRIAN is polished, endearing, hilarious. The world within feels so authentic, spearheaded by a character so fresh to the genre that it manages to stand out in a setting seen countless times before."

"THE INNOCENT AND THE VICIOUS manages to breathe new life in the WWII genre, crafting a bloody yet poignant tale of one woman's quest for retribution. Constructed with care and vision, this script dazzles in its efficiency as a war thriller, and leaves an impression in so doing."

"Showcasing strong character work, fantastic dialogue, convincing period details, and interesting subject matter, "Monsters of Philadelphia" ... has fashioned a fascinating protagonist whose compassion for his patients is matched only by his narcissism and ambition."

"Delivering aerial action, empowering history, and a personal and revealing character study, "Spitfire Girls" is satisfying and memorable war epic that deserves to be seen."

"This script is great at taking traditional sitcom and romcom dynamics and flipping them on their head for two kick-ass girls that live a life of crime."

"Merging the worlds of high fashion and high crime, this script offers a world full of dramatic intrigue and rich, relatable characters that are definitely deserving of a series order."

"This character-driven film has a lot of heart and is a tear-jerker at times, but the light-hearted moments of comedy peppered throughout make the writer's voice shine."

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"The combination of elements on display in THE QUICKENING is irresistible, cinematic and in many ways... unusual. "

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"Wicked fun, with lots of twists and turns...milked for all they're worth for maximum tension and surprise."

"This extremely well-executed pilot deserves its own series. It’s a story that hasn’t been told but must be, depicting battles veterans fight once home from war with characters who seamlessly come to life – AND are star vehicles for women."

"Raw, honest, and deeply emotional, this is an incredible tale of teen romance and self-acceptance that blows other scripts like it away."

"YASUKE would likely leave some jaws on the floor purely by way of the lush, kinetic world and action that the writer has dreamed up ... [A] powerful execution of vision that's brought to life by a writer who's clearly in command of their craft."

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"The writing is truly top notch. The atmosphere and use of setting is masterful ... authentically "Appalachian" ... one can practically hear the accents jumping off of the page. Centering the piece on a female protagonist is one of the script's greatest selling points in a time where Hollywood is belatedly discovering the importance of on-screen representation."

"The story and the characters are so incredibly compelling and strong. Audiences will immediately fall for and root for these characters. There are strong emotional moments here for men and women of all ages and of all economic standing. There's a chance here to be a huge hit. "

"Candidly, it is surprising that this project hasn't already been made. The writer has such a unique and talented voice, that it's only a matter of time until their work is appreciated by a mass audience."

"Taps into present-day conflicts, from feminism to class politics and racial issues, with the potential to explore the nationalism vs. globalism debate as few shows can. Like the cars its characters design, the pilot balances style with function to deliver an impressive product."

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"Celebrating female friendship within an action film setting is a welcome contradiction to a genre usually void of emotion."

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"Exciting, emotionally affecting, and rife with characterizations that are genuinely a pleasure to spend time with."

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"This is such a fresh, entertaining take on a familiar cast of characters - truly a laugh-out-loud delight."

"This script would be perfect for awards season, and with the right casting, it’s easy to see it finding success at the box office."

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"Presents buyers with a compelling, young diverse protagonist and a female character that has the potential to rival Sandra Bullock's role in GRAVITY."

"An Oscar caliber script...A FEW GOOD MEN meets TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD."

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"A fantastically strong pilot with an equally strong premise and, notably, it is a story deserving of a series."

"A delightfully well written script that revels in its own oddity, crafting a consistently entertaining plot centered around one of the more unlikely protagonists in contemporary film. It’s sharp, funny, well-paced and puts a fresh spin on the Bonnie & Clyde style narrative."

"The imagery is visceral and profoundly upsetting, and the true horrors that the Native people of this country faced at the hands of White People are depicted with such honesty. It's all so horrifying, like it's out of a ghost story, but the real horror is that it is all true."

"A powerful period piece that benefits from the marketing of its real life inspirations. Its style and tone may tease A-list directors and actors seeking an emotional but artful crowdpleaser that may even find praise from the Academy."

"This slick, thrilling, and hilarious script sets the foundation for a potentially riveting series that can provide a star vehicle for a great actress."

"This script has everything that people love about Westerns, but in a really modern way… [it’s] well-written and exciting with all the elements to build a compelling and dynamic series of television."

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"From its strong characters and witty dialogue to its sobering exploration of wartime violence and clever use of dual timelines, "The White Mouse" is an extremely well written addition to the canon of WWII stories."

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"This story gets stronger and stronger as the plot develops, leaving the audience with a chilling yet satisfying ending. There is a great need in film for more profound female leads, and this script exhibits a woman whose story should be told on the big screen."

"This is ready for the screen. With the right casting, and the right budget (i.e. not skimping on the period elements, there is a place for his film among bigger budget features already positioned as Academy contenders."

"On par with Oscar-caliber works."

"The script is compelling, introducing multiple twists and revelations without raising the hackles of a nuanced audience well-versed in the usual turns and tricks of a crime drama...from start to finish, the momentum is unyielding, producing a script that is a pleasure and a thrill to read."

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"Simply a phenomenal script. It is well-written, it’s riveting, the world is vibrant and visceral and the point of view is one desperately needed on television right now."

"Masterfully plotted with surprises at every turn... an abundance of intrigue, violence, and sex appeal... The storytelling is exceptional."

"Heartfelt to the core, this script is a well-written take on the classic coming of age tale that focuses on a poor, biracial young man who rises above his broken home by finding photography. The writing is strong, the characters fully developed, and the tone both tragic and uplifting."

"The powerful and sweeping true story of one incredible woman who became one of the greatest heroes in American history. Harriet Tubman is shown here as every bit worthy of her legend."

"This script is truly a gem. From the first pages to the last, the tone stays clear, the pacing never lags, and the characters are richly developed. "

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"An absolute joy to read ... a poignant examination of Bayard Rustin's life and involvement with the Civil Rights Movement that's particularly pertinent to the current sociopolitical climate in the United States."

"The world is so rich and vibrant and such an incredible parallel for our world today. The story itself is incredible, with two names that every American knows. Probably the most unique thing about this particular period piece is the diversity- having diverse reporters and neighborhoods where different backgrounds mix is really not something ever been done before."

"ROSE not only delivers entertaining story and characters, but it also examines issues of racism, discrimination, sexism, housing, bureaucracy, crime, and more, all through the lens of Asian-American characters who are too infrequently the protagonists of TV shows."

"This script is uproariously entertaining. From start to finish, it shines with its heartfelt, heartwarming, and humorous story."

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"A gripping and nuanced crime drama, with three-dimensional characters, a riveting, unpredictable plot, and a deep and complex exploration of relevant social themes."

"This sci-fi drama is definitely a viable property, likely to attract a wide audience, from lovers of the sci-fi world, fans of alien stories, and viewers who are excited for a good ensemble drama. This is the type of show that can get viewers hooked with each episode while also spreading the awareness on global warming in a riveting way that only a scripted drama could."

"This is a hilarious and unique premise for a comedy series. The script has an ensemble of a dynamic and funny characters that all live inside of a clear and captivating concept/world."

"It’s filled with quips, memorable characters, and a story that is tightly written and expertly delivered. It’s appealing to a wide audience and rings of honesty and experience. It has a world of potential behind it."

"This script is spellbinding. Filled with suspense, tensions, and intrigue from early first act up until the final page."

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"Superbly written...an enthralling script that draws from a multitude of influences to weave together a wholly original world."

"This script has, without a doubt, the makings of an Academy Award-worthy project, revealing facets of history and humanity through a crucially unflinching lens in a journey that will leave audiences with a narrative and characters that they can’t forget.”"

"Characters are delightfully multidimensional, filled with a depth and nuance that are rarely found in scripts these days."

"This script provides a compelling and relevant issue to the current and unfortunate racial tensions, displaying a compelling yet controversial protagonist as a hero and exploring his life and trials... garners debate for an iconic biopic and character study."

"A successful biopic and exploration of an intriguingly complex character...a thrilling and grisly war story."

"A startling, original, and intense historical thriller that presents a chilling and intimate look at one of history’s most infamous assassins."

"This is a terrific pilot that definitely deserves attention from industry readers due to the unique concept, the strong technical writing ability and the polished story telling ability in regards to plotting, dialogue and character development."

"This is an exciting and extremely well-executed horror film...overflowing with plot twists and high-concept action...clear and well-developed emotional arcs."

"This is a script that, while being heart pounding-ly thrilling...masterfully crafted."

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"Crisp writing, a dynamite role for a leading lady, plenty of laughs and catharsis."

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"Conveys the perfectly vibrant tone...that celebrates life and motivates audiences...to follow their hearts."

"Fast-paced, informative and very funny."

"A tight, compelling, well-written script makes FELIX a terrifically engrossing read. There is great craft on display here; from the onset it is clear that this is a writer with a strong, confident voice and one who knows this genre very well."

"Each story is a mini-thriller, with its own unpredictable ending. We are on the edge of our seats experiencing the script, and are left wanting even more."

"The ability to make the reader empathize with all sides is...a truly rare achievement. Incredibly intense and so beautifully emotional."

"Pitch-perfect, dare I say metal, action and adventure...The themes are timeless, and the mythology is wondrous."

"It does everything that a buddy comedy should do, while also selling an original genre world that is both believable and fantastic. It deserves to be made. Full stop."

"A fantastic piece of writing…The script is full of originality, from its premise to its dialogue...This is absolutely on the right track to sell."

"A rich and visceral period drama with a well crafted pilot."

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"Cut the last scene and THE FIRST MAN is one of the smarter political dramas around."

"A subtle love story well-told...keeps the audience guessing."

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"An impressively well-written screenplay. Full of originality, from its premise to its dialogue."

"A tight, gritty crime thriller that could fit right in with shows like TRUE DETECTIVE and BROADCHURCH."

"Funny. Heartfelt. Authentic. Inventive."

"A compelling story and great comedic tone that will be very marketable to female audiences under 25."

"A great script that showcases some truly gifted writers with a rare knack for creating meaningful, haunting horror."

"A well-crafted, well-oiled writing sample that can be produced on a medium budget and attract a four-quadrant audience."

"A strong story with such layered, dynamic and powerful characters. Audiences will absolutely LOVE this story"

"Excellent plotting, strong pacing, and the overall enjoyable reading experience that keeps us wanting to know what happens next."

"This is a fantastic script. It's polished, has a smart story, and a wonderful relationship between the two main characters."

"An utterly thrilling and suspenseful story of murder and mental illness."

"Combines drama, action, sex, and strong opportunities for beautiful production design in a way that would hook any adult viewer."

"This script nails its campy yet psychologically unsettling tone and introduces us to a powerhouse of a leading lady."

"A well written, unique and topical story that pulls at the heartstrings."

"Filled with great characters, a strong premise, and propulsive, compelling action"

"Has the potential to become an awards season darling, one that will undoubtedly leave audiences in tears."

"Amazing screenplay...enjoyable, quick paced, and has a heart felt emotional through line."

"An interesting and very unique premise. The writing is funny, the characters are likable..."

"Surely going to impress industry readers. The premise is unique, and the writing is polished, funny, and very heartwarming."

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"A compelling emotional journey that revolves around the relatable and topical paid student-athlete ethical debate."

"A smart, compelling gothic thriller that could appeal to many cable and streaming platforms."

"American film audiences love a good crime drama with action and this project more than fits the bill."

"Has the potential to be a sleeper hit in the quiet time between blockbuster summer tent-poles and big budget Oscar-bait film."

"Raw, truthful storytelling for young and old!"

"This is a spectacular script that is as ambitious as it is satisfying... A standout in terms of dialogue and character... Oscar-ready stuff that could reap some real rewards.."

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"A remarkably sweet and uplifting family movie that brilliantly utilizes science fiction and futurist elements."

"This is a strong script... sure to catch the attention of industry readers...based on true events and executed in a very polished manner..."

"An upbeat, fast paced read, with and intricate plot and powerful third act."

"An accomplished, market-ready script. Fantastic storytelling aside, the project could be a fantastic star vehicle for a young powerhouse actress."

"ARGO meets HUNGER in this evocative and emotionally-stirring drama."

"An engaging, fast-moving piece with excellent performance opportunities for A-list talent."

"This tightly written, fast-paced virus outbreak story has major potential to be a hit."

"Endearing and heartbreaking."

"Both studio executives and film producers will surely see how this potential franchise fires on all the needed cylinders."

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"A well-written screenplay that has heart, humor, and is simply a good read."

"Well-crafted...fast-paced plot, and well developed characters."

"The dialogue, action set pieces, and tone are all beautifully done...the fantastic protagonist at its very core."

"A great, dark, violent thriller that...tackles deep issues and intricate characters."

"A heartfelt drama with a protagonist that is relatable, humble, and proactive."

"The script excels...creating a stupidly clever comedy that will appeal to teens, young adults, and men."

"Independent film executives and producers will fully embrace this vehicle."

"A strong indie film that could attract top dramatic-comedy actors."

"A highly entertaining script, and as a single location, super low budget genre flick."

"An exceptional character study...societally important and extremely disturbing."

"A delightful comedy...reminiscent of Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde. "

"An incredibly imaginative and ambitious script."

"This script succeeds in bringing to life a fresh, bleak version of Vegas."

"A fun, well-written and original comedy."

"A stellar script that delivers...a smart, vivid visual world of frightening images and evocative dialogue."

"Effortlessly combines violent action with a unique sense of humor."

"Rooted in a powerful and compelling premise."

"An assured and confident script that...should definitely turn some heads"

"A dynamic and compelling story that would undoubtedly draw mass appeal."

"Enthralling from the start...we feel immediately pulled into the fold of the late 1700’s"

"Has the quality and heartbreaking subject matter to make a solid indie drama."

"The characters' authenticity is only strengthened by the intelligent dialogue...."

"A tense atmospheric thriller that has built the structure for a well thought out plot."

"A fascinating story that is executed quite well, drawing us in and holding our attention."

"A complex mystery.... The premise is unique and compelling."

"The characters are extremely well-developed, each with their own struggles."


"The Golden Age of Hollywood never seemed so dangerous or alluring."

"This story is an absolute pleasure to read."

"A great psychological thriller that has a strong, modern take on violence. "

"A really fascinating scenario in the relative to near future....A fun mixture of suspenseful tension, nicely interwoven with well-placed humor and quirk."

"Los Angeles almost becomes a character, alive and vibrant.... a successful crime action thriller."

"Katie Says Goodbye is an excellent, modern western drama with a multitude of strengths."

"The five leads are fantastic creations that offer actors ample opportunity for memorable performances, especially the two leads."

"From the dialogue to the earnestness of the plot, the author does a superb job of illustrating Trice's story with color, humor, and sadness."

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"This would be a charming coming-of-age story with a great ensemble cast of young actors."