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What is the Guild?

The Writers' Guild of Great Britain supports and represents writers across all media including books, films, online, radio, theatre, TV, and video games. We run campaigns to protect the interests of writers and negotiate agreements to secure the best possible pay and conditions.


Minimum rates negotiations

Without a minimum rates agreement each writer would have to negotiate their compensation individually with the companies for who they agree to work. The WGGB ensures that every writer is paid fairly for the work they do.

Pension plan

The WGGB has a pension scheme into which employers including the BBC, ITV, and independent production companies pay a percentage of the writer's script fee. In all cases this added amount will at least double the writer's contribution to the scheme.

Contract vetting and enforcement

On request, the Guild will check your contracts to ensure that they conform to best practice in the industry. And if, in the worst case scenario, there is a legal dispute between yourself and your employer, the Guild's lawyers will be available to advise you.


The WGGB runs a number of events across the UK, ranging from informal social events through to masterclasses.

Welfare fund

The Welfare Fund provides grants and loans for members of more than two years standing who find themselves in financial difficulty - and in case of emergency we aim to respond within 48 hours.


In Battalions

In Battalions is a report into the effects of recent UK Government cuts to arts funding on theatres' ability to develop new plays and new writing. As well as the original report, a Delphi Study has been completed, showing ways in which theatre can survive and prosper in the current economic climate.

Written Into the Picture

This WGGB report was commissioned by the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds and the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe to examine how screenwriters are treated at film festivals.

Best Practice Guides

As well as supporting the rights of writers in all media across the UK and campaigning on relevant issues, the Writers' Guild of Great Britain also regularly issues Best Practice Guides for writers and their employers.