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Project description

The WGAW Feature Access Project is currently accepting submissions from WGAW members who qualify under the program Guidelines. In 2012 four writers were selected as the first Feature Access Project Honorees. Click here to read more about them.

The goal of this peer judging program is to increase access of minority feature film writers to agents, managers, studio executives and producers of feature films. Writers selected will also be paired with an established WGA feature writer as a career mentor.

The Feature Access Project is designed to increased access to WGAW members from the largest group of writers that have been historically underemployed in the feature film arena. The Project also benefits executives who are acquiring or developing feature film scripts by highlighting a strong pool of diverse candidates for their consideration.


Project History

The project was launched by the WGAW’s Diversity Department in early 2009. It is a peer judging program designed to identify excellent, diverse writers with television experience, and to provide a resource for accessing their work to showrunners, industry executives, agents and managers.

The Writer Access Project represents one effort by the WGAW to address the issue of underrepresentation of diverse writers on television writing staffs. Read detailed current statistics about the employment of diverse television writers in the 2013 WGAW TV Staffing Brief.


Strike List/Unfair List

Members are responsible for determining the current signatory status of any potential employer. For further information, call the Signatories Department at (323) 782-4514.

The Board of Directors places individuals or companies on the Strike/Unfair List for several types of unfair conduct: refusing to engage in collective bargaining negotiations with the WGA; refusing to sign the MBA or other applicable collective bargaining agreements; wrongfully failing to participate in grievance and arbitration procedures; failing to abide by the final award of an arbitrator; or engaging in conduct violative of the National Labor Relations Act or other laws designed to protect the rights of writers.

The Board of Directors will consider requests from individuals or companies to be removed from the Strike/Unfair List. In such cases, the Board will examine the facts and circumstances concerning the listing, and the reasons advanced for removal.

NOTE: WGA members are bound by Working Rule 10, which provides: “No member may enter into a contract for the rendition of writing services with any producer whose name is contained in the then current Guild unfair list unless such producer shall have first posted a bond with the Guild guaranteeing the full amount of the writer's proposed compensation pursuant to such contract.”



The Diversity department works with producers, studio and network executives, and writers to increase employment opportunities and the availability of writing assignments for writers who are Asian/Pacific Islander, American Indian, Black, Latino, women, over 40, Gay, Lesbian, or disabled.

The department also administers the Freelance Compliance requirement of the MBA and staffs the following eight committees, which represent most of the writers referenced above, as well as freelance writers: the Committee of Black Writers, the Latino Writers Committee, the Committee of Women Writers, the Career Longevity Committee, the Freelance Writers Committee, the Writers with Disabilities Committee, the American Indian Writers Committee and the Gay & Lesbian Writers Committee.

The department works with industry personnel to develop access programs and hosts events, panels, and seminars to promote a more positive image of historically underemployed writers, to increase the industry's awareness of the unique obstacles often faced by these writers, and to encourage positive change in hiring practices.

Contact Information

Director of Diversity: Kimberly Myers
Diversity Committees and Events Manager: Tery Lopez
Diversity Main Line: (323) 782 -4589
Email: [email protected]