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The Black List is the best place to get feedback on your scripts and showcase them for industry members.

Screenwriting Labs

Through our ongoing screenwriting labs, we invite exceptional aspiring professional screenwriters to workshop their scripts and meet with working writers and other industry professionals to prepare them for a career in screenwriting.

WIF Episodic Lab

Partnering with Women in Film, we host an annual lab for aspiring women television writers.

WIF Feature Residency

Partnering with Women in Film, we host an annual lab for aspiring women feature writers.

Annual Feature Lab

Each year, we invite a select group of feature screenwriters to a week-long intensive lab.

Partnerships & Opportunities

We partner with major producers, studios, and networks to provide paid opportunities to writers to develop feature and television projects with our partners.

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Diversity Lists

As we work toward a more equitable and inclusive world, we promote writers and stories from historically underrepresented communities through a variety of screenwriting lists in conjunction with our partner organizations.

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The writers of the 2020 Latinx List

Industry Members

Through our online script database, download curated scripts based on your personal preferences and evaluations by our professional readers.

Read Scripts

Download over 5,000 feature and pilot scripts to read.

Find Writers

Find a sample that will help you evaluate a writer’s skills for your project.

Get Recommendations

Rate scripts to get personalized recommendations on scripts you’re likely to love.


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